Sensei Lee Nelson 5th DAN

Sale Ju-Jitsu Senior Instructor

I have been involved in martial arts for most of my life & a Ju-Jitsu Instructor / assistant instructor for more than 20 years with the BJJA "British Ju-Jitsu Association", the WJJF "World Ju-Jitsu Federation", and now as a Director of the BJJKO (British Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo Organisation) and Senior Instructor of Sale Ju-Jitsu.


I started Ju-Jitsu training under Sensei James Pape with the BJJA and later Sensei Mark Wood where I Graded to 1st DAN, I joined Winsford Ju-Jitsu Club in 2003 & trained under the instruction of Sensei Andrew McConville 8th DAN where I focused on moving up through my DAN grades and eventually gained the skills & experience needed to take the next step in my evolution by opening our club in Sale.


In 2014 I was promoted to World Ju-Jitsu Federation Technical Officer, which gave me the opportunity to sit on a grading panel for DAN grade assessments on a Global level.


In 2015 I was appointed a directorship with the WJJF and invited to join the World Ju-Jitsu Federation International Management Team which gave me the opportunity to be involved in organizing international events and have a more hands on role in running a large organisation.


In 2019 Shihan McConville along with myself and Sensei Neil Cheswick started a new chapter by setting up our own Organisation in order to have a governing body to run our clubs independently.


After our unexpected success we decided to open the British Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo Organisation (BJJKO) to other independent Ju-Jitsu clubs, interested clubs can find more information by going to


I am passionate about Ju-Jitsu and our heritage, as the Club Coach of Sale Ju-Jitsu I focus on maintaining the quality & high standards instilled in me by my instructors.

I have trained under some of the best instructors in the world and keeping a high standard of tuition is very important for the future of the club and its students.


I am determined to ensure that techniques taught within our club reflect the organisations highest expectations while aiming to shape & develop our student’s future Ju-Jitsu careers.

I hope to make each training session enjoyable and unique to add value to the student’s total experience.



As for my own future Ju-Jitsu career


As well as promoting and running the club I am currently training with Sensei McConville twice every week & working towards being assessed for my 6th DAN.


I believe that my continued focus on self-advancement to 6th DAN & Beyond is key in keeping my club current and maintaining future student advancement to DAN grade.


I also take advantage of the wealth of experience & Knowledge available with regard to Coaching Courses, Seminars and Master Classes within our organisation on a regular basis to ensure my students are offered the best possible tuition.


Training Times

Junior Classes


7pm - 7.45pm (age 5 to 10)

7.45pm to 8.30pm (age 11 to 15)


Thursday (cancelled)


Adult Classes

Wednesday 8.30pm - 10.00pm

Thursday (cancelled)


Sale Women's Self Defense Club

Thursday (cancelled)

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