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Updated: 23rd February 2021

Dear Students, members and Club Instructors


No doubt you have been listening to the latest government announcements regarding the Road map out of lockdown.


I have taken calls and messages from students, parents and instructors today wondering how the opening of schools on the 8th March and further lifting of restrictions on the 29th will affect our return to training.


The short answer is “we don’t know”.


The optimistic answer is that we hope to open again by mid-April.


If we take the worst-case scenario, all classes will be open again by mid-May at the latest.


In truth, the full implications for our Organisation and Clubs are still unclear, a full announcement will follow in the coming days and we intend to continue with weekly updates via social media, should there be any immediate change or breaking news, this will also be posted.


We are, however, hopeful that we will be allowed to return to training and see the opening of our Clubs / Dojos by mid-April, although this may be a phased return.


A Phased Return

We hope to eventually get back to our normal timetable and class structure, however in the short term this may not be possible.


Prior to the lockdown we opened for Juniors only, this was not ideal for our Adults classes, however this may be our only option until mid-May.


We hope that it won’t come to this and we will be able to open for both Juniors and Adults in April. However, opening classes for Adults will depend largely on the rules around group activities for Adults and Youth’s over 18 years and will be decided by Government and  the Sale Dojo building management.


Junior classes may need to be split into separate age groups until Adults classes start again.

For Adult classes, our initial feeling is training may need to be as socially distanced as possible. Though, we are hopeful we will be given greater permissions or at least the option to train with a single training partner.


As we really don’t know what will happen for the next few days, we are asking members to remain patient while we seek confirmation from Sport England, The World Health Organisation and The Government.

Updated: 17th February 2021

Returning to the Club after the COVID 19 Outbreak (news and information for re-opening our Ju-Jitsu Classes)

We hope to open the club again for all Ju-Jitsu classes as soon as possible, however we do need to follow government guidence regarding adult classes.


We can see a way forward and the return to schools in early March will signal a change for our club.

its expected that we will be restricted to just junior classes at first, followed by adult classes a few weeks later.

A Guide for Class Times Post Lockdown:


Wednesdays Ju-Jitsu

Juniors age 5 to 11 years -  7pm to 7.45pm

Juniors age 12 to 15 years - 7.45pm to 8.30pm

Adults - 8.30pm to 10.00pm (as soon as we can open)


Thursdays Ju-Jitsu classes will not re-open until further notice, this is due to other classes running along side ours, meaning there could be a risk from higher numbers of students in the building at the same time.


Thursday Womens Self defense Classes are also on hold for the same reasons as above and due to the type of contact training involved.



We are looking at opening for Ju-Jitsu and padwork lessons, two Saturdays per month as long as we have enough interest and as soon as we are able to open for adult classes.

we hope that this will help students that normally train on a Thursday but also for students that want an extra session or two each month, all grades welcome as well as new students.





A very warm Welcome to our new Junior students.
Three busy Sessions again this week, a Busy adults Class, 2 Busy Junior Classes and a growing beginners Class to top things off this month.
Thank you to our dedicated students and parents for making our club the success it is today.
Separating our Juniors by age really does work well, we don't mix junior and senior school children, the benefits are now becoming clearer week after week, we will continue with 2 Junior Classes for the foreseeable future as it seems to work, both from a tuition perspective and for the safest possible Covid compliant option.




Lates Course Hosted by BJJKO at our club in Sale, More details can be found on the BJJKO News Page

Following changes to Government guidance on 1st July 2020 we now have a clear plan regarding junior classes.

With any luck and with all our fingers and toes crossed we are looking to open our clubs soon, like most other martial arts organisations, we have been keeping an eye on changing rules that affect our clubs.

Information in past weeks regarding opening clubs has been, at best vague if not completely confusing and contradictory. 

The main problem has been that martial arts clubs don’t have a category of their own, the closest type of businesses are Gym’s and leisure centres, this, I’m afraid seems to be the problem.

We are somewhat like a gym with regard to our type of training but unlike gym’s we have a large number of junior members who as school children use a completely different criteria.

The realisation that we fall into two different categories changes everything, and so we have decided we need two sets of rules when reopening our clubs, we will deal with how we reopen the adult classes as soon as we have a firm plan, however due to new government guidance we can now see a clear path forward.

As an organisation we fit the criteria that enables us to use new government guidelines used for providers of Out-Of-School Settings (OOSS) published on 1st July 2020 to categorise our junior classes.

There are two specific criteria to address first, the Rules and guidance for Out of School Activities and, the government guidance on “Child Protection and Safeguarding Children”, a checklist for both of these will be included (section 2 and 3)

Over the past weeks all of our Instructors have completed “Coronavirus Safe Instructor for Martial Arts” courses so that we are all aware of procedures relating to preventing the spread of the virus.

The plan for clubs reopening junior classes: This may change from club to club so please speak to your club representative regarding their schedule and format.

Schools have bubbles for set year groups with certain year groups excluded from school at the moment, once schools break up for the summer, the rules change, we can then set up our own bubbles for our junior classes, this will be made up of one bubble for students of primary school age and another for students of secondary school age, this will mean that we do not need to maintain social distancing among the primary school age group.

We can have groups of up to 15 students and 3 Instructors on the mat at one time, however we will not be able to have parents in the Dojo during the lesson, please speak to your clubs representative for their drop off and collection policy as this will differ depending on your club.

In order to comply with COVID rules, and to mitigate the risk, there will be a number of procedures put in place, we have a weekly risk assessment for clubs that complies with government recommendations and we will be putting this in place prior to opening, as with all our documentation, a copy of this document is available to all our members on request.


Section# 2 Official Government Guidelines:

Protective measures for providers of Community activities, holiday or after school-clubs, tuition and other Out-Of-School Settings (OOSS) offering provision to children during the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak, 1st July 2020

  1. Providers must have a current risk assessment or checklist for mitigating the virus.
  2. Identify protective measures (such as those listed in the guidance on WORKING SAFELY DURING CORONAVIRUS (COVID 19).
  3. Ensure all health and safety checks have been undertaken by the owner of the premises prior to opening.
  4. All OOSS providers comply with the advice set out by the HSE, regarding.
  • First Aid at work
  • First Aid during the Coronavirus (COVID 19)


  1. Have a written Child Protection Policy and publish these documents on your website


  1. To reduce the risk of transmission, children and young people who attend the setting should be kept in small, consistent groups, and of no more than 15 children and at least 1 staff member.
  2. Prior to the first session children should be assigned to a particular class or group and should then stay in those consistent groups for future sessions and avoid mixing with other groups in the setting.
  3. Parents and carers should also be encouraged to limit the number of settings their child attends, ideally ensuring their child only attends the same setting consistently.
  4. Ensure significant change over time to allow for mitigation and hygiene.
  5. Use safe measures to limit transmission when working in community settings.
  6. All spaces should be well ventilated using natural ventilation.
  7. Ensure you are not sharing your setting with other groups at the same time.
  8. Ensure at least one person with first aid training is available to work in your setting.
  9. Ensure you have a designated person in charge of Safeguarding at you setting.







Section# 3

Guidance for parents and carers of children attending Out-of-School Settings during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, 1st July 2020.

Who can attend Out-of-School Setting (OOSS)

When state schools in your local area have closed for the summer term, children of all ages may attend OOSS. However there may be additional risks that relate to older children which will be considered as part of your individual clubs risk assessment.

Attending an OOSS can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of children and young people. However, it is crucial that we ensure we are minimising the risks to the nation’s health. It is for this reason that parents and carers are being encouraged to limit the number of settings their children attend as far as possible, and ideally to ensure their children attend the same setting consistently.


Before choosing an Out-of-School Setting provider for your child, the following government guidance should be given serious consideration.

  • The provider has a child protection policy in place and all members of staff understand their responsibility and know what to do in the event of a Safeguarding concern, including what to do if a child makes a safeguarding disclosure.
  • The provider has a procedure for referring safeguarding concerns to local authorities.
  • The provider had a procedure in place for safeguarding training for staff members
  • The provider has a full set of safeguarding policies, procedures and forms for incidents and disclosure in place, and they are available to all staff members
  • The provider has someone who is fully qualified to administer first aid.
  • The provider has a responsibility to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with children has be screened and DBS checked.










Section# 4

World Health Organisation recommendations for Martial Arts Clubs ‘in class’ Safe training for Adults – basic requirements:

  • A hand cleaning station where all persons entering the class area will clean their hands.
  • An optional requirement that the temperature of all persons entering be tested via a forehead thermometer - persons outside of the 35° temperature range will not be able to enter.
  • A ‘single user’ rule for all equipment i.e. focus pads, gloves etc may only be used by the one person in any class – all equipment will be appropriately cleaned after usage.
  • Permitted by Government regulation, partner training can occur. Under this Policy a training partner must remain as the same person for the duration of the class (i.e. no changing training partners).
  • Spectators to your martial arts class are not allowed.
  • Where possible classes will have a clearly sign posted separate entry and exit area.
  • When conducting back to back classes, once classes are finished there will be no entry from those attending the next class until all those in previous class have left.
  • Instructors will ensure that the following items form part of their ‘safety supplies’:

        hand sanitisers, disinfectant mops, disposable cloths, gloves, paper              towels.

  • Instructors will ensure that cleaning and sanitising will occur before and after class and, where required during class – particular attention to be paid to bathrooms and entry doors.
  • Instructors will ensure that any chairs in the training area are spaced a minimum of 1metre apart.

Guidance for Adult students when attending classes:


1, If you feel ill or have symptoms relating to the Covid 19 virus, please do not attend the class, take the week off and come back when you feel better.


2, We will be operating a single entry and exit policy, please enter using the main door and exit via the fire escape.


3, Hand sanitiser will be available on entry, please use it.


4, Please pay for your lesson on entry as we will not be able to take payment in the Dojo.


5, A ‘single user’ rule for all equipment

 i.e. focus pads, gloves may be used by one person in any class – all equipment will be appropriately cleaned after use.


4, Permitted by Government regulation, partner training can occur. Under this Policy, students must remain with the same training partner for the duration of the class (i.e. no changing training partners during the lesson).


5, Provision will be made for students who wish to train away from others, if this sound like you, please make this known to one of our instructors.


6, Spectators are not allowed.


7, The Dojo will be cleaned before and after the lesson, however toilets should be cleaned by the user after use (this means you).



Our first Master Class of 2020 

Open to all grades 



Our first Seminar of 2020 

Open to all grades 

Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy's 6th end of year presentation celebration took place on Wednesday night with great success.
We have found it very difficult to choose our award winners this year, we have had a very good year with so many of our Juniors improving and performing well when grading.
We have a very well balanced group and every lesson this year has been a pleasure to teach,on behalf of myself and my Instructors I would like to thank all our students for their commitment and focus this year as well as parents and carers for their support.
On a personal note i would like to thank my instructors:
Andy Burke, Dave Wareing and Ryan Daly
for everything they do, we are very lucky to have quality instructors who make our junior classes fun and rewarding for all our students.
Lessons for 2020 start again on 8th of January for our Wednesday class and 9th of January at 6.30pm for our new Junior lesson (open to all grades)
Finally, congratulations to this years winners
Student of the Year: Joshua Salt
Exemplary Student Award: Bill Taylor
Most Improved Student Award: Joshua Lingard
Sensei's Choice Award: Tyler Loughran
Best New Student Award: Emilia Lees
Best New Student Award: Yusuf Ahmed
Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2020
Black Belt Gradings 19th October 2019
Congratulations to all of our Winsford and Sale Club students who graded today, some superb gradings from both senior DAN grades, Junior Black Belts and Junior Black Belt Gold Tabs, Thank you to everyone who turned up to support our students, hope to see you all at our next event.
Promoted to WSJJ Junior Leader 6th September 2019
Daniel Rawden
Congratulations on this landmark achievement in support of your club, this qualification was not earned overnight, or on a one day training course, Junior Leaders, like Adult Assistant Instructors have trained for years before receiving this award, to be an instructor takes unfailing dedication, focus and commitment, as well as a lot of extra hard work along side training on their syllabus, wear the badge with pride, well done.



We are very proud to announce that on 24th October 2018 Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy and Winsford Ju-Jitsu Club became members of the UKBF, (United Kingdom Budo Federation)

this will be a positive move for both our clubs, UKBF focus on promoting Japanese Martial Arts in the UK and insist that success is based on quality of instruction rather than financial gain, we will have many new opportunities to attend training courses, seminars and other events within the UK, many of these in the north of England where they are very accessible to all our students, there will be no interruption to training and any changes we make will be to benefit our students.


2018 Ju-Jitsu Seminar Faro, a few photos from our recent visit, it was an honor to step on the mat and be part of this event, we are hoping to take more of our students next year so if your interested ask one of the instructors for more details.


Promoted to WJJF Support Coach (National Level 1)
Samuel Ouattara and Andrew Burke Congratulations on this landmark achievement in support of your club, make no mistake, this qualification was not earned overnight, or on a one day training course, my coaches have trained for years in pursuit of this goal, to be a coach takes unfailing dedication, focus and commitment, as well as a lot of extra hard work along side training on their syllabus, wear this badge with pride, well done.

2017 Student Awards

Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy, Student of the year 2017

Harley Bentley

Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy, Most dedicated Student Award 2017

Mackenzie Cookson

Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy, Most Improved Student Award 2017

Daniel Rawden

Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy, Sensei's Choice Award 2017

Elliot Starling

Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy, Best New Student Award 2017

George Gibson-ward

Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy, Best New Student Award 2017

Rose Selwood-Metcalf

Sale Ju-Jitsu Presentation 2017
another successful year comes to a close, thank you to all my students, parents, instructors and friends for your support this year, unfortunately our senior Coach, Shihan McConville wasn't able to make it this year due to other engagements, I am, as always grateful to him for all his work and support this year, most of which is not seen or fully appreciated by most of us, However as usual our sister club in Winsford never let us down and we were very happy to welcome Richard, Sophie & Dave from Winsford Ju-Jitsu Club who gave their time and experience during the presentation and in helping to teach the adults class last night.


SJJA and our sister club, Winsford Ju-Jitsu Club were invited to a special training session on Tuesday 31st January, Free to WJJF members, guest instructor John Greenhalgh 10th Dan took high grades and instructors through some advanced techniques in what turned out to be a superb training session, to top off a perfect morning we were presented with some very nice pads and shields, donated by WJJF CIC in support of its growing number of clubs.
Thank you to Shihan Robert Hart, Shihan Brian Truby and of course Hanshi John Greenhalgh for a very enjoyable day.

Another memorable DAN grading at WJJF Headquarters.
Well Done to my good friend and training partner Richard wallace on passing his 3rd DAN, the aches and pains started this morning.

thanks to Sensei Mike Widdall for putting us through pour paces and of course for his kind words and encouragement throughout

A Big Thank you to Winsford Jujitsu Club

Sensei Lee Nelson Being presented with the Club Registration for

Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy

by Sensei Andrew McConville 


Last Night was the first Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy Training Session.

It was a slow start with only a few brave new students, but as always Winsford Jujitsu Club showed up in force to do what we do best.


As expected the knife technique session received the most comments.


A very Special Thank you to Sensei Andrew Robinson, Sensei Neil Cheswick & not forgetting Sensei Andrew McConville


I would also like to thank the Assistant instructors for their help, Sophie Wallace, Jack Birtles, Chris Wright & Richard Wallace.


Last but by no means least, thank you to the first Sale Ju-Jitsu Students for your support, the first session is always the most difficult, or should I say walking through the door for the first time.


All in all a good night

Training Times

Junior Classes


7pm - 7.45pm (age 5 to 10)

7.45pm to 8.30pm (age 11 to 15)


Thursday (cancelled)


Adult Classes

Wednesday 8.30pm - 10.00pm

Thursday (cancelled)


Sale Women's Self Defense Club

Thursday (cancelled)

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