Every Thursday 7pm - 8pm, £5 Per Lesson

No direct debits, just pay when you train, The price per lesson also includes membership.

Pad Work, Practical Escape Techniques & Weapon Defense

Dont be a Victim, Become a Warrior, Start your Journey Today

Based on our popular women's self defense courses, this class is open to anyone regardless of age, experience or physical condition, we teach techniques based on our Ju-jitsu principles, which are perfectly adapted for use in violent real world situations, with time and effort our system will become reactionary and practical.


Benefits of our training program. 
* Build self confidence and self belief.
* Practical Self Defense Skills may someday help save your life.
* Great for Fitness and Conditioning, We use BoxFit style fitness for the last 15 minutes of the class.
* Social and Fun Classes.

* Become more aware of how to prevent an attack.


Its never to late to make a change, so if you have always fancied taking up self defense, or just liked the idea of martial arts but never wanted to join a martial arts club, this class could be just what you have been waiting for.

The classes are structured and fun, a typical class involves some kicking and striking pad work to raise the pulse and aggression levels, before getting started on the class content.

each week we will build on the knowledge from previous weeks, as well as learning something new.


What shall I wear?: we sell training shirts etc, however students are under no pressure to use our products to train, as long as they follow these simple guide lines.
Jogging bottoms and a T-Shirt / Sweatshirt is fine for training, please do not wear jeans, shorts or buttoned shirts.

We train in bare feet, however your welcome to wear socks if you prefer, we ask that you dont wear outdoor shoes as we use a matted floor for safety that will become damaged by heels or hard shoes.

What will it cost?: we run a pay as you train policy, priced at £5 per session, this will include your membership & insurance

Thats it, everything else will be explained to you once you start your training and all equipment is supplied at the club.

For more details, please speak to me on a club night or contact me by phone or text on 07876350657, by email salejujitsu@outlook.com or via facebook.

If this is your first time then your not alone, here are a few common questions about what to wear on your first session.

Students are welcome to wear what ever they choose providing it fits within our simple guideline, this is for safety as well as respect for others during training, for more information see our club information page.


Please do not wear...

  • Sports Vest's (unless you have a Tshirt or sports top underneath.
  • Jeans or buttoned trousers
  • Shorts (inless you have leggings underneath)
  • Skirts or dresses
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry of any kind


We sell a range of training tops, from Tshirts to Hoodies, a new 2018 range will be available early this year.

Class Content

At FightFit we believe that your training should be practical and reflect the dangers a student will encounter in the real world and also prepare you physically for an attack.

we don’t teach elaborate or complicated techniques that will get you hurt, or worse.every technique we use, if practiced regularly has the potential to save your life.


From Knife Defense, to Rape scenarios on the ground or against a wall, we cover every type of attack situation.


each lesson will include a degree of revision, a pad work session and something new. Which we will then revise over a number of weeks.


Lessons are designed to be fun & rewarding, we aim to set out each lesson so that it is engaging in three aspects, Mentally, Physically & Socially, these aspects are globally recognized for extending life and wellbeing.

BoxFit Style Pad Work

Simple & Practicle Self Defense (Ambush or Control Attacks)

Simple & Practicle Self Defense (Knife and other Weapon Attacks)

Simple & Practicle Self Defense (Rape or Pinned to the Ground)

Hard Target or Walking Victim, Which one are You?

In today’s increasingly violent society, what can you do to help yourself in becoming a Hard Target & protect yourself against attack?


Don’t you think that there are so many more cases of people being attacked these days, young and old alike, maybe it’s our society changing or the fact that muggers, rapists and violent criminals don’t seem to get what’s coming to them.


Maybe it’s not just society that is changing but people’s habits too, the technology we carry and the lifestyle we lead.


How victims are chosen has always fascinated me along with the mentality of an attacker & how easily we can prevent most attacks.


The Document below sets out my views and opinions regarding self-protection and how effective it can be when combined with good self-defence techniques.


You are welcome to download it to read later if you wish.

Self / Personal Protection

A personal view on how you can practice self-protection to avoid becoming a victim of violent crime.
Self-Protection is not self-defense, its more about self-awareness & common sense


Training Times

Junior Classes

Wednesday 7pm - 8pm


Adult Classes

Wednesday 8.30pm - 10.00pm

Thursday 8.30pm - 9.30pm


Sale Women's Self Defense Club

Thursday 7.00pm - 8.00pm

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