Sensei Lee Nelson 4th DAN

Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy Senior Instructor

I have been involved in martial arts for most of my life & a Ju-Jitsu Instructor / assistant instructor for the past 18 years with the BJJA "British Ju-Jitsu Association", the WJJF "World Ju-Jitsu Federation", and the UKBF "United Kingdom Budo Federation".


I started Ju-Jitsu training under Sensei James Pape with the BJJA and later Sensei Mark Wood where I Graded to 1st DAN, I joined Winsford Ju-Jitsu Club in 2003 & trained under the instruction of Sensei Andrew McConville 8th DAN where I focused on moving up through my DAN grades and eventually gained the skills & experience needed to take the next step in my evolution by opening our club in Sale.


In 2014 I was promoted to World Ju-Jitsu Federation Technical Officer, which gave me the opportunity to sit on a grading panel for DAN grade assessments on a Global level.


In 2015 I was appointed a director with the WJJF and invited to join the World Ju-Jitsu Federation International Management Team which gave me the opportunity to be involved in organizing international events and have a more hands on role in pushing Ju-Jitsu forward in the UK.


In 2018 Shihan McConville along with myself and Sensei Neil Cheswick set up Winsford and Sale Ju-Jitsu Organization in order to run our clubs independently under the UKBF banner, UKBF are focused on promoting Japanese Martial Arts in the UK, based on quality rather than financial success, this is an ethic our clubs share and that made for an easy choice when looking for a governing body to sign with. 


I am passionate about Ju-Jitsu both traditional and modern, as the Club Coach of Sale Ju-Jitsu I focus on maintaining the quality & high standards instilled in me by my instructors. I have trained under some of the best instructors in the world and keeping a high standard of tuition is very important for the future of the club and its students.


I am determined to ensure that techniques taught within our club reflect the organizations highest expectations while aiming to shape & develop our student’s future Ju-Jitsu careers. I hope to make each training session enjoyable and unique to add value to the student’s total experience.



As for my own future Ju-Jitsu career


As well as promoting and running the club I am currently training with Sensei McConville twice every week & working towards being assessed for my 5th DAN.


I believe that my continued focus on self-advancement to 5th DAN & Beyond is key in keeping my club current and maintaining future student advancement to DAN grade.


I will also be taking advantage of the wealth of experience & Knowledge offered by the UKBF with regard to Coaching Courses, Seminars and Master Classes on a regular basis to ensure my students are offered the best possible tuition.


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Wednesday 7pm - 8pm


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Thursday 8.30pm - 9.30pm


Sale Women's Self Defense Club

Thursday 7.00pm - 8.00pm

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