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At Sale Ju-Jitsu we teach British / Japanese style Ju-Jitsu for  Junior students from 4 years to 16 years old, Senior Ju-Jitsu classes for intermediate and Adult students. we aim to develop students both physically and mentally with respect being at the core of our training program.


We are members of The BJJKO, and are subject to their rules and regulations with regard to, student membership, operating standards and safeguarding support, DBS checking and safe recruitment for instructors, ensures a safe environment for all our students.


The BJJKO ratify the grades and qualifications of our instructors and DAN grades and regulate the standard of all our students through certification.


Our sister club is "Winsford Ju-Jitsu Club" was opened in 1984 by Shihan Andrew McConville, and is still going strong today.Shihan McConville is graded at 8th DAN and holds a National level 1 Senior Coach qualification, he runs regular master classes and is our senior Technical Coach.


 Weekly Sessions will be Taught by the Club Coach Sensei Lee Nelson and Assistant Instructor Sophie Wallace who will be supported on official events such as grading's by another Senior Coach.

Senior Instructors

Sensei            Lee Nelson

Senior Instructor

Sale Ju-Jitsu

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Lee Nelson - Instructor Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy

Phone: 07876 350 657

E-mail: salejujitsu@outlook.com

Shihan        Andrew McConville

Senior Instructor


Winsford and


Sensei            Neil Cheswick

Senior Instructor


Winsford and




Sale Ju-Jitsu Coaching Team

Andrew Burke

Club Instructor


National Level 2

Dave Wareing

Assistant Instructor


National Level 1

Ryan Daly 

Assistant Instructor


National Level 1

Harley Bentley

Junior Leader

Daniel Rawden

Junior Leader

Bill Taylor



Our Coaching Team is an important part of what we do, our entire team have been trained by either Shihan McConville or Sensei Lee Nelson & are chosen from our student base.

Without good assistant instructors, busy classes would not be possible and not as rewarding for other students, our coaching team give their time to help teach Junior students as well as helping adult students during the class on a one to one basis.


all of our support team are qualified national level coaches and are DBS checked.

Training Times

Junior Classes


Class 1: 7pm - 7.45pm 

Class 2: 7.45pm - 8.30pm


**New Juniors Class**


7pm - 7.45pm 

Opening Mid-November 2021


Adult Classes

Wednesdays: 8.30pm - 10.00pm


**New Adults Class**

Thursdays: 8.00pm - 9.00pm

Opening Mid-November 2021

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Call or Text: 07469 699121

Email: info@salejujitsu.co.uk


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