Safeguarding Support is Provided by our Trained Instructors and Staff, in partnership with our Governing Body, THE BRITISH JU-JITSU AND KOBUDO ORGANISATION

Safeguarding through the BJJKO

The BJJKO provide us with Safeguarding support for Parents of students, Adult and Junior students and instructors, should you have any concearns or need advice or information regarding:-


  • Our Safeguarding Policy
  • Our Code of Practice
  • Equality
  • Child Protection Concerns
  • Special Needs
  • Vunerable Adults
  • Abuse
  • Reporting of an Incident

A full list of the BJJKO's Safeguarding Certification is available on their website at


You can contact our Safeguarding Officer in complete confidence.

Lesley Morris

BJJKO Lead Safeguarding Officer



Lesley can be contacted by email should you have any questions relating to a BJJKO Club or for help and advice for new or existing students.


Most correspondence is conducted by email However in some cases by phone or a face to face meeting can be arranged at your club in complete confidence. 

Safeguarding Policie's and Procedure's are available by request.

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