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Interested in Junior Classes for your Child?

Before bringing your child to the club for your first time, you will want to be sure they are going to be safe while in our care and they will enjoy the experience, they may be new to Martial Arts and they may have never been inside a Dojo before, despite this, most children that try Ju-Jitsu, really enjoy it.


We have been doing this for a long time, over the years, we think we have heard most of the concerns that parents have, here are a few answers to our most asked questions.



What to wear: If you’re wondering what your child should wear, jogging bottoms and a T-Shirt or sweatshirt will be fine to start with.


What you Shouldn’t wear!: Please do not bring your child to a lesson wearing Jeans, Buttoned Shirts, Skirts, Vests or Shorts.

Watches and jewelry should NOT be worn during training.


How much does it cost? 1st lesson is free to new students, and we charge £5 per lesson after that on a pay as you train basis.


What is the recommended age for my child to start training: Our standard starting age for junior students is 5 years and over, however, we can also take junior students as young as 4 years of age, providing our safeguarding obligations can be met, this may just be asking a parent to be present during the lesson (which we recommend for all students in their first few weeks).


How do I join: If your child enjoys it and wants to join, simply complete the enrolment pack and return it with a £25 membership fee, you will receive a License book, membership and a syllabus book, your first grading is also included when you join us.


Training equipment: As with most martial arts, students wear a uniform to train (for junior students this is part of the attraction) although we don’t insist on students wearing our club Gi (training suit) most students buy them from us, they are in club colours and embroidered with our artwork, we charge £25 for most junior sizes, and £35 for larger children, all Gi's are available to order from the club reception.


How long are junior classes: Junior classes are structured to get the most from the student, it’s important that they progress and enjoy their time on the mat.

Junior Classes are limited to 45 minutes in line with BJJKO safeguarding and child safety regulations, this ensures that students remain focused throughout the lesson and don’t become fatigued.

By ensuring our younger students are engaged with us and remain focused while training, ensures they progress up through their belts regularly, this is crucial in maintaining a student’s morale and their feeling of self-worth.


Grading: Ju-Jitsu is a syllabus based martial art, your child will train for their next belt and when they are ready, they will be graded, we don’t charge for a students first grading and all coloured belt grades are £10. students will grade 2 to 3 times per year,  provided they complete the minimum number of sessions to qualify, train regularly and are ready for the grade.


We are an inclusive club, and we feel that it is important that students’ progress regardless of age and varying ability, we have a split belt system in place to ensure that very young students and students of varying ability receive the recognition they deserve and that their hard work is rewarded.


I hope this answer most of your questions, however, should you have any concerns or just need to ask about something we haven’t mentioned, contact us here for more information.


More information about our governing body can be found by clicking the following link.


Price Guide

Fees and price list 2022







Lesson Fee 

Each Lesson.




Membership Fee including license


Once Per Student.




Annual Membership Renewal (due 12 months after membership) 







Grading Fee (White – Brown Belt Kyu grades) 




2 - 3 Times Per Year



Junior Gi (Suit for Training) including Red Belt ***


We stock all Junior sizes, please ask in the club for details.











*** Gi's and other clothing can be purchased from the club office, prices vary dependant on size and product type, please ask for more details from one of our team or the club office staff, by email or call us.

Gift Vouchers make the perfect gift and save money too.

Why not buy a Gift Voucher for a loved one, either an existing Sale Ju-Jitsu Student or someone who is interested in starting training with us.


Each Voucher can be exchanged for 10 Lessons, once registered with us, lessons can be taken as needed.


Have to miss a few weeks? no problem, your lessons roll over until you have used them all.


Gift Vouchers can be purchased at the club or reserved by email for delivery by post.


10 lesson Gift Voucher is just £45 (includes 1 FREE Lesson)


                                                                                                       we escept payment by Cash, Card, bank transfer or Paypal.

Save Money When You Buy Your Lessons in Advance

Pre-paid Lesson Packs

Sale Ju-Jitsu Student Lesson Pack

An easy way to block pay for lessons, buy in blocks of 10, 20, 40 Lessons in advance and use them when ever you like with no time limit.

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Club Rules

 As a member of The British Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo Organisation, we aim to maintain their high standards of safeguarding and Equality by creating a safe environment for all its students, we have some fairly basic rules based on respect and common sense, we understand that from time to time it is easy to fall short of what is expected however all students and instructors should try to adhere to these simple rules.




  • Bow on entering the Dojo & when stepping onto and off the mat.
  • Your instructor is always referred to as “Sensei” while inside the Dojo
  • No shoes on the mat
  • No persons except Sale Ju-Jitsu Students and instructors are permitted onto the mat
  • Please sign in at the office and pay your mat fees prior to training
  • No swearing inside the Dojo
  • No racist or derogatory remarks
  • Please respect your training partner when training


Poor Personal hygiene while training shows a lack of respect for your fellow students, you may be asked to train alone or not at all should you have…


  • Unwashed training clothing or strong body odour.
  • Unclipped toe nails
  • Open wounds

Safety on the Mat


Before you enter the Dojo please be sure that you have checked the following:

  • You are dressed adequately, for new students Track suit bottoms and a T-Shirt will be fine, you should not wear jeans, buttoned shirts, vests or shorts.
  • No socks on the mat (unless you have a medical reason) socks can be a slip or trip hazard
  • No jewellery of any kind, jewellery is not safe while training, there are no exceptions to this rule however ear rings and rings can be taped up if they cannot be removed.
  • No eating food or chewing gum on the matted area
  • No drinking on the matted area, please sit on a bench or off the mat if you need to take a drink.
  • We do not allow Smoking anywhere in the building
  • You will not be permitted to train if you are displaying any signs of intoxication from alcohol or drugs


Available Documentation

Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy is an inependant club registered with the BJJKO and as such is subject to their rules and regulations, copies of our health and safety procedures are available in writing on request.



Available relevant documents:

Normal Operating Procedure

Emergency Action Plans

Code of Ethics

First Aid Certification

National Level 2 Club Coach Certification

Proof of Public Liability

A Few Good Reasons Why Sale Ju-Jitsu Academy is the Right Choice for Your Child...

Ju-Jitsu Training is more than a hobby or kids club, it is a chance for you as a parent to give your child the opportunity to learn an invaluable life skill as well as making new friends and learning to protect themselves, they will learn some valuable qualities and skills along their journey such as….

  • Respect
  • Personal boundaries
  • Increased interaction and communication skills
  • Increased dexterity and resilience
  • Quantifying fear and confidence building
  • Personal value through achievement
  • A true sense of belonging   


“A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step” 


This is what people think about our club

Absolutely superb club!
Sensei is a seasoned professional who has many years’ experience teaching martial arts. The management team of BJJKO is fantastic, they teach a fabulous syllabus and have very high safeguarding and welfare standards and policies.
I feel that my girls are learning such important skills, gaining confidence and being able to defend themselves.
Learning how to handle attackers, training in using and defending against weapons and building their fitness in every session. Couldnt recommend it enough!


Lee Greaves 

Great club ? fantastic instructors for self defence a must for everyone these days of all ages your never too young or old to start


Jamie Blake

Thank you so much for your determination to keep going. Bill was thrilled with his certificate and newly gained junior leader status last night. He gains so much from the club. It’s so much more than just a place to learn Jujitsu ?


Ally Taylor

Great set up and very friendly. Well structured routine but also enough variation and different exercises each week to make it fun. The instructors are all really helpful and great with the kids.



Marc Selwood-Metcalf

Training Times


Junior Classes


Class 1: 7pm - 7.45pm 

Class 2: 7.45pm - 8.30pm


Mixed Class: 7.30pm - 8.15pm 


Adult Classes


8.30pm - 10.00pm


8.30pm - 10.00pm


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